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~Book of Murder and Mystery Contest~

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 14, 2015, 8:46 PM

:new: Contest Winners:new:

The votes are in and counted at long last!! Without any further delay:

For Art:

First Place

The Stage is Set by setsunoe :iconsetsunoe:

Second Place

Shattered by jopyon :iconjopyon:

Third Place

Book of Murder - So...Who is the Killer? by bertalina :iconbertalina:

For Writing:

First Place


Second Place


Third Place


~Founders Choice~

There were so many entries that I loved, it was impossible to choose!! But, this one really made an impression on me:
The Book of Murder by sakohju :iconsakohju:

Winners will be receiving their subscriptions at the end of the week, and will be contacted about their other prizes shortly~ We enjoyed all of the entries for this contest~~

Many thanks to everyone who entered!! We'll be back with a new event into the New Year :heart:


1st Place

(For Artist and Writer Category)
12 Month Core Membership (or Point equivalent) Core Logo by daniya-ART
+Pagedoll Couple from :iconnyharu: Something like these:
Wonderland Sebastian Page Doll by nyharu Wonderland Undertaker Page Doll by nyharu
+Custom Icon from :iconnyharu:
+Journal Feature from the Kuroshitsuji Club

2nd Place

3 Month Core Membership (or Point equivalent) Core Logo by daniya-ART
+Pagedoll Character from :iconnyharu: Something like this:
Sebastian Page Doll by nyharu
+Custom Icon from :iconnyharu:
+Journal Feature from the Kuroshitsuji Club

3rd Place

1 Month Core Membership (or Point equivalent) Core Logo by daniya-ART
+Pagedoll Character from :iconnyharu: Something like this:
Wonderland Ciel Page Doll by nyharu
+Custom Icon from :iconnyharu:
+Journal Feature from the Kuroshitsuji Club

Founder's Choice

Will most likely be a Large (11-12 inch tall) Custom Kuroshitsuji Plushie from :icontheplushielady:
a 12 Month Core Membership (or Point equivalent)

Contest is now:


The Judging Process will begin on Monday; winners announcement will follow shortly afterward.

Many thanks to all who participated!! For anyone that missed the opportunity, we hope to catch you again next time.


Kuroshitsuji-Club's Contest:

Theme: Book of Murder and/or Mystery

(Centered around the Phantomhive Murder Manor Case arc, as well as celebrating the Mystery Genre, in general!!)

Deadline: November 27th

(Draw/Write something to Enter)


It's high time for a new Contest here at the Kuroshitsuji-club

As we come into the fall season, this time around, our contest theme will be:

Book of Murder and/or Mystery

You're encouraged to create anything based on or around these wonderful characters, and intriguing arc of the storyline!!

Drawing inspiration from the storyline, you're also welcome to create something as homage to the Mystery genre in general (such as Sherlock Holmes, or investigators of yore, and the capers they solved~)

For those of you who participated last time, you know how it goes~ For those of you who missed it, or want to participate this time, here’s the process:


How It Will Work

:bulletred: There will be Two Categories: One for Artists. One for Writers.

:bulletred: Either draw something, or write something that goes with the Theme stated above.

:bulletred: You can submit One Entry per person, per category (meaning you can draw something and write something if you would like~)

:bulletred: Must be new art (nothing created prior to this Journal entry) created specifically for this activity :heart:

:bulletred: Leave a link back to this contest in the description of your submission.

:bulletred: Comment on this Journal with a link to your entry.

:bulletred: The Entry will be added to the Contest Entry listing featured in the Journal.

:bulletred: From the Entries, Judging will commence once the Contest closes. The process for this event will be constituted of a panel of anonymous voters (chosen by the Founder) that will determine the winners on a points system, based on several elements (technique/execution/theme/originality/etc~)

:bulletred: Once the votes are cast, the points will be tallied, and the winners will be announced First, Second, and Third place, respectfully~

:bulletred: Out of all participants, the entry that strikes the Founder’s fancy the most (on the grounds of how well it fits the theme, execution, technique, impression, etc…) shall be awarded a special Prize.



Theme: Book of Murder and/or Mystery

*All submissions must fit within the dA submission guidelines to be accepted

*Likewise, each submission must fit within the Submission Guidelines of the Kuroshitsuji-club

*Must be Original Work
Utilizing pre-existing material (either from the anime, the manga, or other artists) will not be accepted
(i.e. no modified manga panels, no screenshots, chapter covers, etc…) Should a source image be found and provided that a submission comes from, it will be removed from the event~

*Must fit the designated Theme. We should be able to easily tell that the submission is specifically centered around the Theme in question~

*By participating, you are agreeing to the terms of this Journal, and that you understand/accept the criteria outlined.

For Artists

*Use of Original Characters with/without Canon Characters is accepted and encouraged.

*Must be a colored work; flat coloring is acceptable

*Must be new a creation (no artwork prior to the start date of this contest shall be counted~)

*Traditional/Digital mediums are both accepted~

For Writers

*Use of Original Characters with/without Canon Characters is accepted and encouraged.

:bulletred: As such: Reader-inserts will not be accepted

*Preferably something that is 500 words, minimum

*Must be new a creation (no material prior to the start date of this contest shall be counted~)



 Have fun with this, you guys!!  


In Short:

Theme: Book of Murder and/or Mystery
Deadline: November 27th

If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them!!




:iconbertalina: Book of Murder - So...Who is the Killer? by bertalina
:iconjopyon: Shattered by jopyon
:iconcrossacademy22: The Solution by CrossAcademy22
:iconispeakhuman: Shhhhh by Ispeakhuman
:iconsoraroxas-15: Book of Murder - Who Did It? by SoraRoxas-15
:iconkai314: [CE] Murder Night (Kuroshitsuji Club) by KAI314
:iconagoma: :thumb573610031:
:iconsilviaakamee: Book of murders by Silviaakamee
:icon0neehime: Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder by 0neehime
:iconsetsunoe: The Stage is Set by setsunoe
:iconshuukaku92: Penny Dreadful by Shuukaku92
:iconsakohju: The Book of Murder by sakohju
:icondynamitedaze: Kuroshitsuji Book of Murder Fighting Scene by DynamiTedazE


:iconwinxmewgirl: Until The Day Lies Become Truth ~Entry for Contest"Until The Day Lies Become Truth." Those were the words his butler said to him that day. A day that Ciel will never forget...

:iconjian89: Kuroshitsuji fanfiction: Book of mysteryIt was a typical cold autumn day. Grey clouds, a chill wind and the leaves that were dancing in the air. Jayla didn’t mind. She was sitting warm inside, in on her cozy couch, at the fire that was burning. A small blanket pulled over her legs, who she tucked up in the couch, curled in the corner. Today she wouldn’t think about the cold weather or the murders running around. Today was her day! End of the deal.
Sitting there, her eyes were fixed on the words she was reading in her book. She could really lose herself in those stories, when they were good. She didn’t always had time to read like this and mostly did it before she went to bed.
She was even so drawn into the story that she didn’t heard the opening of the door while her butler came in. She didn’t even raised her eyes went he went further, pushing the little tea tray.
“It’s time for your afternoon tea, My Lady.” He said while pouring the tea out. It was only then that jayla looked


Mature Content

:iconispeakhuman: There's a Snake in the GardenEntry for the  :iconkuroshitsuji-club: mystery/book of murder arc contest..
Snake isn't the only Mysterious guest to show up uninvited to Phantomhive mansion.
I had a lot of fun writing this I think I might make this into a series... Comments and critiques are very much appreciated, so let them rip !
Lol sorry for the horrible excuse for a title, I thought it would be puny..


Mature Content

:iconlive-for-the-stars: His Butler, ExpectingLife is infinitely stranger than anything which the mind of man could invent.
 – Arthur Conan Doyle.
Meredith knew a lot about princesses. She knew how they acted, how they lived, who they were, and how to be one. A princess, by definition, was the daughter of a monarch. Of course, practically everyone knew that like the back of his or her hand. Or at least, Meredith expected them too. After all, what was more important? Well life of course, as well as peace…but Meredith just liked to assume that they tied together with a princess quite nicely.
She knew all about their rescuers too, the handsome princes who would whisk them off their feet and take them somewhere safe and quiet and peaceful so that not even the inch of concern would blemish the princesses true beauty. Meredith had figured it out, a princ

:iconangiehimesan: The Earl's Match. (A Kuroshitsuji Fanfic)Heyo~
This is for the Book of Murder and Mystery Contest by Kuroshitsuji-club, influenced by The Usual Suspects (1995). If you haven't watched it yet, you musssssst! ^3^
Ciel Phantomhive, Earl of the Phantomhive house and Executive Chairman of the Funtom Company.
The young blue-eyed boy looked at the faces gathered in his study, the frown on the lower half of his face hidden from view by the fine china cup nearly half full with Earl Grey tea. He ran through all the facts he had on each


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