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September 5, 2013


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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 5, 2013, 3:28 PM

Kuroshitsuji-Club‘s Raffle Contest:


*Will set up a People's Choice Poll later today, after the Founder's Choice is selected*

Deadline: October 30th

(Draw/Write something to Enter)

Theme: Halloween


At last!! Details are ready for the next Raffle Contest. :hooray:

For those of you who participated last time, you know how it goes~ For those of you who missed it, or want to sign up this time, here’s the set up:


How It Will Work

:bulletred: There will be Two Categories: One for Artists. One for Writers.

:bulletred: Either draw something, or write something that goes with the Theme decided above (lots of potential with this one :meow: I highly encourage you to let your imagines fly with it~)

:bulletred: You can submit One Entry per person, per category (meaning you can draw something and write something if you would like ^^)

:bulletred: Must be new art (nothing created prior to this Journal entry) created specifically for this Raffle :heart:

:bulletred: Leave a link back to this contest in the description of your submission.

:bulletred: Comment on this Journal with a link to your entry

:bulletred: The Entry will be both lettered and numbered, according to the category it goes in

:bulletred: When the deadline passes, all entries will be featured in another Journal, with their respective Numbers

:bulletred: From those Numbers, One winner from each Category will be selected (by means of most likely ^^)

:bulletred: Those two lucky people will receive a Secret Prize for their Entry~~

:bulletred: Out of all participants, the entry that strikes the Founder’s fancy the most (on the grounds of how well it fits the theme, execution, technique, impression, etc…) shall be awarded a Prize as well.

:bulletred: Other participants may be selected randomly as well, and receive different denominations of Points for their participation~~


It’s my hopes this is something you can all get into, since it’s meant to be more fun than competitive.

As for the Founder’s Choice and Secret Prizes… I’m not gonna say again~~ :meow: But, it will be Kuroshitsuji related :meow:

If all goes well with this, depending on the  number of entries, there might be more winners selected as well~



Theme: Kuroshitsuji Halloween

*All submissions must fit within the dA submission guidelines to be accepted

*Likewise, each submission must fit within the submission guidelines of the Kuroshitsuji-club

*Must be Original Work; utilizing pre-existing material (either from the anime, the manga, or other fan artists) will not be accepted (ie, no modified manga panels, no screenshot chapter covers, etc…)

*Must fit the designated Theme; we should be able to tell that the submission is specifically centered around the Holiday in question~

*By participating, you are agreeing to the terms of this Journal, and that you understand/accept the criteria outlined

For Artists

*Must be a colored work; flat coloring is acceptable

*Must be new a creation (no artwork prior to the start date of this contest shall be counted ^^)

*Traditional/Digital mediums are both accepted

For Writers

*Use of Canon Characters/Original Characters is highly encouraged

:bulletred: As such: Reader-inserts will not be accepted

*Preferably something at least 500 words, minimum

*Must be new a creation (no material prior to the start date of this contest shall be counted ^^)



Have fun with this, you guys!! There’s lots of good inspiration that can come from a theme like this. ;3

Dress up the characters how you like… Send them trick-or-treating… All those fun things Halloweenies do!!

In Short:

Theme: Kuroshitsuji Halloween
Deadline: OCTOBER 30th
1 Founder’s Choice Prize
2 Random Winners (2 Secret Prizes)

If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them!!




A1- Black Butler: Halloween look. by Melkpso :iconmelkpso:
A2- :thumb400185006: :iconhereliesanimmortal:
A3- As The World Falls Down by cheyluvsu03 :iconcheyluvsu03:
A4- Black Butlers Halloween by jesskywalker :iconjesskywalker:
A5- Kuroshitsuji Macabre by Setsuka-no-Uta :iconsetsuka-no-uta:
A6- Kuroshitsuji Halloween by Ririkou-Adopts :iconririkou-adopts:
A7- Halloween Doll by sakohju :iconsakohju:
A8- :thumb405723211: :iconxxsadisticchiibiixx:
A9- Kuro-Halloween 2013 by FuriarossaAndMimma :iconfuriarossaandmimma:
A10- Candies plz! by Ivel-Xx :iconivel-xx:
A11- ::CONTEST ENTRY Happy halloween!:: by StarsInTheDarkness :iconstarsinthedarkness:
A12- Ciel Phantomhive Halloween by LenaleeExorcist :iconlenaleeexorcist:
A13- kuroshitsuji halloween contest entry 2013 by killjoyprincess23 :iconkilljoyprincess23:
A14- Treats, Please! by CrossAcademy22 :iconcrossacademy22:
A15- Red Enticement Halloween by TsukiNoKishi :icontsukinokishi:
A16- Kuroshitsuji: Halloween by iago-rotten :iconiago-rotten:
A17- Happy Halloween 2013 by KathytheGoth :iconkathythegoth:
A18- One Hell of a Monster by Madame-Rien :iconmadame-rien:
A19- Happy Black Halloween! by Asobou4Ulquiorra :iconasobou4ulquiorra:
A20- Kuroshitsuji Fanart-frog King by isabel10 :iconisabel10:


W1- Ciel Goes Trick or Treating“Now, come on my Lord, you promised Miss Elizabeth.”
“Yes, but…”
Ciel walked out from behind the dressing divider and did not look amused.
Sebastian could barely hold his composure as he looked at his master up and down.
“Well, I can tell you one thing… Miss Elizabeth was right, you are so very cute.”
Ciel gave Sebastian the look of ‘death’ as Sebastian smiled to himself.
“I am not going out like this!” Ciel demanded. “A person of my standing could not bear to be seen in public like this!”
Sebastian’s mused look faded. “You do know that this was at the request of your fiancé…”
Ciel’s frustration faded slightly. “Not the point, Sebastian.”
A high-pitched squealing voice called from the other room, “CCEEEEEEIIIILLLLL!”
“Yes, Lizzy.” Ciel’s tone seemed rather calm in response.
“CCEEIILL!” The voice called again.
W2- Black Butler- All Hallow's Eve by ArcaneEnforcer :iconarcaneenforcer:
W3- Halloween Party - Kuroshitsuji Style!!   As the day was coming to an end Ciel began his preparations for the Halloween ball Elizabeth begged for so much.
"My lord, here are various costumes for tonight. Choose the one that you like the most" said Sebastian bringing at least five different costumes. Ciel then began searching through them trying to find the one that suited him the most. Suddenly a high pitched voice sounded throughout the whole mansion. “CIIIIIIEEEEEEEELLLLL!!!!!” she screamed. Ciel then called out to Elizabeth asking what she wanted.
“Here Ciel I brought you a costume that will suit us perfectly” she said happily. She showed what seemed to be a costume of a medieval king.
“You want me to wear this, Lizzy” he asked.
“Oh yes, Ciel. You will look absolutely adorable” she said about to squeal.
“Lizzy I already had a costume in mind. I-” he was interrupted by Sebastian.
“My Lord, If I might say none of these compare to the one lady Eliza
W4- Tell Me a Tale ~ A Kuro-Halloween StoryTell Me A Tale
The Phantomhive manor was well lit tonight. It was All Hallows’ Eve a party was being thrown for the occasion. Though it was very much not the young master’s idea. Elizabeth, his dear wife to be, had suggested it in her own way. That is to say, she begged non-stop until Ciel finally yielded. Though of all the nights to have such a grand party; a storm had come in. Not your typical storm either, it was quite violent at times thunder clashing, rain water pouring buckets down to the earth, horrible winds wiping things around. Elizabeth held onto the hope that the guests would still come. It was close to nightfall though it was hard to tell with the thick dark clouds overhead. A small break in the storm formed, giving a window to potential visitors.
A single carriage had made its way up to the Manor it arrived at the door and a young man stepped out. It was hard to tell it was a young man though. He was clad in a black with various white markings on his clothes.



As a reminder, we’re collecting points for our Super Group subscription, so we can keep our main page pretty ^3^ Any and all points you can spare are most welcomed, and appreciated!!

Donate by clicking


or send your donations to Tristiahna via the donation poll on the profile

Thank you so much to anyone that has!! :iconunclesebs:

Thank you for reading, and please make all comments below!
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