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Submitted on
December 11, 2013


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Winter Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 11, 2013, 6:56 PM

Edit: 2/15

Submissions now ~CLOSED~

Voting Poll opens today!!

*Will stay open 48 hours to determine People's Choice 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places

*Remember, vote solicitation is not allowed~ Thank you ;D


Kuroshitsuji-Club's Contest:

Theme: Winter

Deadline: February 14th

(Draw/Write something to Enter)


All rightie~ It took a little while to get prizes set up from the last contest, which prompted the delay in getting this activity together. But, now that everything seems to be in order (and coming together slowly ^^), we're on to the next one!!

For those of you who participated last time, you know how it goes~ For those of you who missed it, or want to sign up this time, here’s the set up:


How It Will Work

:bulletred: There will be Two Categories: One for Artists. One for Writers.

:bulletred: Either draw something, or write something that goes with the Theme decided above (lots of potential with this one :meow: I highly encourage you to let your imagines fly with it~)

:bulletred: You can submit One Entry per person, per category (meaning you can draw something and write something if you would like ^^)

:bulletred: Must be new art (nothing created prior to this Journal entry) created specifically for this Raffle :heart:

:bulletred: Leave a link back to this contest in the description of your submission.

:bulletred: Comment on this Journal with a link to your entry

:bulletred: The Entry will be both lettered and numbered, according to the category it goes in

:bulletred: When the deadline passes, all entries will be featured in another Journal, with their respective Numbers

:bulletred: Out of all participants, the entry that strikes the Founder’s fancy the most (on the grounds of how well it fits the theme, execution, technique, impression, etc…) shall be awarded a Prize as well.

:bulletred: From those remaining Numbers, a People's Choice Poll will be set up for voting, allowing Members to choose their favorite entries. Multiple Polls may be set up, to narrow down the placing to the top three.

:bulletred: Once the Polls closed, those three that placed the highest will be awarded First, Second, and Third place, respectfully~

:bulletred: From the remaining participants, One entry from each Category will be selected Randomly for a prize, in support of their participation of this activity (by means of


As for the Founder’s Choice and Secret Prizes… I’m not gonna say just yet~~ :meow: But, it will be Kuroshitsuji related, and come from artists that I personally have worked with previously, with this fandom  :meow:



Theme: Kuroshitsuji in Winter

*All submissions must fit within the dA submission guidelines to be accepted

*Likewise, each submission must fit within the submission guidelines of the Kuroshitsuji-club

*Must be Original Work; utilizing pre-existing material (either from the anime, the manga, or other fan artists) will not be accepted (ie, no modified manga panels, no screenshot chapter covers, etc…)

*Must fit the designated Theme; we should be able to tell that the submission is specifically centered around the Theme in question~

*By participating, you are agreeing to the terms of this Journal, and that you understand/accept the criteria outlined

For Artists

*Must be a colored work; flat coloring is acceptable

*Must be new a creation (no artwork prior to the start date of this contest shall be counted ^^)

*Traditional/Digital mediums are both accepted

For Writers

*Use of Canon Characters/Original Characters is highly encouraged

:bulletred: As such: Reader-inserts will not be accepted

*Preferably something at least 500 words, minimum

*Must be new a creation (no material prior to the start date of this contest shall be counted ^^)



Yay Christmas by Deadman2 Have fun with this, you guys!! Yay Christmas by Deadman2

Much like the last one, there's lots to do with this theme~ Plenty of Holiday inspiration to draw from, as well as the snowy weather (and that fabulous wintertime wardrobe of Phantomhive's ;D)

In Short:

Theme: Kuroshitsuji Winter
Deadline: February 14th
1 Founder’s Choice Prize
3 People's Choice Prizes
2 Random Winners (2 Secret Prizes)

If you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them!!




A1- Kuroshitsuji Winter Contest Entry 0 u 0 by Queen-of-Quake :iconqueen-of-quake:
A2- Winter Pleasures - Contest Entry by SweetLittleVampire :iconsweetlittlevampire:
A3- Snow by sakohju :iconsakohju:
A4- The World in Winter by Autumn-Aries :iconautumn-aries:
A5- :iconphantomsprinkles:
A6- :iconohidina:
A7- ::CONTEST ENTRY:: That winter long ago... by StarsInTheDarkness :iconstarsinthedarkness:
A8- This Butler - Snow Day by Sherly97 :iconsherly97:
A9- just business by Aixx114 :iconaixx114:
A10- ~ One Hell of a Figure ~ (Contest Entry) by The-TimeRunner :iconthe-timerunner:
A11- Winter Theme Ciel by Maff-chan :iconmaff-chan:
A12- I Shall Be By Your Side by TsukiNoKishi :icontsukinokishi:


W1- Too Cold || Black Butler - SebaCielWord Count: 843 words
Notes: In which Ciel doesn't want to get out of bed because it's too cold and Sebastian finds a way to get him out, much to the other's displeasure.
It was cold. So very cold. No matter how many times Sebastian insisted that he had to get out of bed and attend to his daily duties, Ciel refused, shoving his head under his pillow. If he got out, then he would lose the warmth his blankets provided. This was why he hated winter. It was always so cold.
''Young master, how many times are you going to make me ask you to please get out of bed.'' Sebastian asked with a forced smile.
Ciel groaned, his voice muffled, causing the butler to sigh in exasperation. There was definitely no way he was going to get the boy out from under the covers, especially on a day as cold as this one. It seemed that the season had particularly picked that day to be the coldest. Glancing towards the windows, Sebastian could see the snow fall softly to the ground and a slowly fo
W2- Cor Glaciei | A Kuroshitsuji Oneshot"Sebastian, by your estimation...will this be my last Winter?"
Ciel Phantomhive gazed out the window of his study, hands clasped behind his back as he watched a generous powdering of fat, fluffy snowflakes add to the already covered grounds of the Phantomhive Estate. His watchful butler, Sebastian Michaelis, was in mid pour before tilting the teapot upright, an expression of bemusement on his face. "My Lord? It is unlike you to make such and inquiry so sud-"
"Did I stutter, Sebastian? Will vengeance be mine in the coming year?" Ciel turned to cast a cold gaze at the demon who would ultimately consume his very being. The demon who would make a feast of his soul. "I grow tired of this game. Prolonging the inevitable is a fool's errand. So tell me, is this my last snowfall?"
Sebastian sat the teapot down.
"Should you wish it to be so, we will put all of our efforts towards the cause of fulfilling our contract, Young Master." What could have brought on a conversation like this, Sebastian w
W3- Christmas NightTrudging through the snow
In a carriage made for three
Through the town we go
Sebastian, listen to me
Yes my lord, you say
Without a word or plea
On the my lady’s word I go
Guard dog on the way
The Queen needs my help
With a letter sent for me
Through the town we go
Sebastian, we must hurry
Zombies on the ship
Demon dog put to sleep
All the problems are averted
Now it’s time to eat
Yum, Yum, Yum
Sip, Sip, Sip
This one is my favorite
Sebastian I need
Sebastian I want
Yes my lord, you make it
The snow is now falling
Innocent white flakes
Peaceful and selfless
Dreamland must wait
It’s still early
A quarter past ten
I will wait to meet this man
Who wears a hat and suit in red
The town is quiet
Santa is no where to be found
Sebastian – Yes my lord
Christmas is safe and sound
Another awakes as I rest my eyes
He is a man dressed in black
And loves a surprise
Not a creature stirred
As the town fell silent
Upon this night
Nothing was violent
All the demons were gone
W4- OVA 1 - It's Simply One Hell Of A Life by ArcaneEnforcer :iconarcaneenforcer:
W5- Black as night on ChristmasAll characters belong to FUNimation... Oasis belongs to me.
This is my Christmas story entry for
    "Blackness surrounds them... dark fills their lungs... they are lost without light I can feel it..."I think,” but the one they call Sebastian? He isn't capable of hiding his demon power very well now is he? It’s almost as if he takes pride in it... and now sweet Ciel can protect himself through the night... but for how long? What is your opinion on the topic Grell?
   ".... oh Bassy <3..."
    "i thought u liked the Under Taker... what’s wrong with you?"
    "Hmm? Oh I’m sorry were u talking to me? I didn't hear you."
    I slap him on the face leaving a bright red gash on his cheek. "Pay attention when I’m talking to you! I’m head of the reapers now and it’s your job to listen to me! Now that its dark on a day that brings people
W6- A Phantomhive Christmas DayAll characters/Settings used belong To FUNimation Entertainment. Emily belongs to me.

Ciel looked at me, a large frown covering his face. I could tell he was upset, but then again, he was always upset.
"Where are we going, Emily?!" He asked finally looking forward.
"I dunno." I answered. "All I know is that Sebastian has a surprise for us." He looked at me again, his good eye glaring at me. Our blue eyes locked. "Stop glaring at me." I snapped. "I swear-"
We heard running feet and I saw Mey-Rin running down the hallway, and behind her...
"Lady Elizabeth?" I exclaimed. "What a marvelous surprise! How long have you been here?"
Elizabeth looked at me. "Not long." She said. "I can make you so pretty!"
I allow her to led me to my room and pull out the blue dress that she bought for me. When she turned away, I quickly put it on, and she tied it. She slipped on the ring that she had also bought me. I thanked her. She smiled and walked out of the room, declaring: "
W7- Crimson SnowI walked slowly. The snow around me covered the world in a silent white. White. I hated this colour. I hated snow. I hated winter. And I hated Christmas. What is whit this stupid tradition of all your silly humans. White Christmas. Green Trees. Brown Gingerbread. Everything is golden and green and white.
In this times I wanted to cover everything in red, even more then normally. Red is the only true colour. It shows passion, fervour. This colour is alive with love and warmth. Not like this god damned white. Just empty space. Cold, empty, lifeless space.
Around me where people. Little children, smiling and laughing, parents, grandparents, couples. Everybody was happy about this cold abomination, that was falling from the sky.
Oh, how I would like to cover it with their crimson blood. Turn the white into passionate red.
But I can´t. Even if I wanted to.
So I needed to endure this sickening white and this happy people. Another thing I hated about this time. Couples. Everywhere you l
W8- :iconironcamellia:
W9- Snowflake (Willam Spears X OC)
The man stretched his scythe piercing the young girls heart, watching the memories of this little human, deciding whether to allow her to live or end her life.
The memories ended "Your too young... But.." He adjust his glases at the bridge of his nose then said "Your life has to end now". He collected the young girls memories to his scythe and with that, her life ended.
He turned his back againts the corpse and looked at his to-die-list. "Well she's the last, I better go back."
"Will darling~" someone called. His brows twitched as he heard this voice. He did not dare to look back, but instead he continued walking.
"Hey Will! Don't ignore me!"
He turned around to look at the annoying man, " Mr Sutcliff, if you’re going to flirt with me again you better not, i have important things to do!" He said.
"Oh William, still as cold as ever, but you know I like it when you’re like that, it's attractive!" Grell said fidgeting.
William sighed the turned his back, he knew bett



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Thank you for reading, and please make all comments below!
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